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Roles: Skills or Roles (Brand Designer)
Time Period: 2018 -2019



Terra Mater is a company that specializes in developing culinary objects and accessories made from natural materials, based on the concept of slow design. By using gentle processes that respect the environment, time, and the people involved in production, Terra Mater’s creations are timeless and made through artisanal processes with certified raw materials. Aesthetics and functionality are at the forefront of Terra Mater’s designs, inspiring a naturally simple lifestyle and the celebration of good living shared around the table. In addition to authorial and on-demand collections, Terra Mater also develops collective experiences that value the wisdom of each individual and the unique qualities of each material.



Our client needed a new visual identity that reflected their expanded services of unity and flexibility, while staying true to their three core pillars of food, design, and community.



For this visual identity project, we drew inspiration from nature and simplicity, and focused on connecting with life’s natural rhythms and the traditions of the past. We emphasized the importance of commensality – the sharing of food and relationships around the table – and learned to appreciate the value of timing in all things.



We designed a fluid, organic brand to represent the brand’s circular concept, emphasizing the importance of friendship, community, and wholeness. The color palette was carefully chosen from the brand’s materials, creating a connection in the visual identity. To develop the website, we used the Shopify platform and created a photo mood board to guide the photographer towards capturing the brand’s essence. We defined the brand slogan as “Food, Design, and Community” to convey the company’s three main pillars.

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