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Illustration creation process

Cláudia Zambrano

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We will tell a little here on our blog the process of creating characters.
How we do? First, we carry out a briefing together with the client to identify the target audience, personas, the character’s objective, and where the material is sold.

Then we started researching colors, shapes, character personality and set up the creative moodboard. After him, we started the first drafts. After defining the sketches, we took them to illustration programs and colored them. And finally, we present it to the customer.

The example we are showing here on the blog is the project we developed products for children. We created the illustration of the owl, the line’s main icon, as well as other elements of the inserted environment. We apply techniques such as superimposed plates, collage, cutouts and perspectives. The line was charming and is already decorating many children’s rooms throughout Brazil.


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