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Roles: Skills or Roles (Brand Designer /UI Design)
Team: Programmers and Designers
Time Period: 2019- 2020



Brazil has a thriving entrepreneurial community, with 50.4 million people involved in entrepreneurial activities. Self-employment has become a popular career option worldwide. However, entrepreneurs often face many challenges that affect their productivity. Conecta+ was designed to address this issue. The platform connects young entrepreneurs seeking advice with experienced mentors who are willing to share their experiences.



The challenge was to create a platform that provides a 100% online mentoring service. We aimed to design an intuitive platform that would help young entrepreneurs find experienced mentors who could share their knowledge and inspire them to improve their business.



Our team designed an intuitive platform that connects young entrepreneurs seeking advice with experienced mentors willing to share their expertise and insights. Users can connect with several mentors simultaneously in one convenient location and schedule online appointments at their convenience. Our branding strategy aimed to represent the global connectivity and exchange of information facilitated by the platform. That’s why we chose the name “Conecta” which means “connection” in Portuguese.



The platform successfully connected new entrepreneurs with experienced mentors, allowing for online exchange of experiences and knowledge sharing. The project spanned two years and had a significant impact on entrepreneurship in Brazil, with many users reporting increased productivity and business growth.

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