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Super em Kasa

Super em Kasa



Roles: Skills or Roles (Brand Designer)

Time Period: March 2020 – August 2020


The challenge for this project was to create a visual identity for a new delivery service in Brazil during the pandemic. Since this kind of service was not common in Brazil the brand needed to show how the service could make people’s lives easier, especially for those who lacked time to go grocery shopping.



To meet the challenge, I chose strong and modern colors to attract attention to the new service. The overall visual identity was designed to convey a sense of lightness and joy, demonstrating that time spent going to the supermarket was wasted and that customers could use this time for more enjoyable activities. The project’s slogan was “More time for you.”



The dynamic graphic identity with strong colors successfully helped people immediately associate the brand with the delivery service. The project was able to create a strong and memorable visual identity for the new business in Brazil.

Super em Kasa - Branding
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